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If Americans had to pick a capital other than Washington, D.C., they may very well select New York City in general and Manhattan in particular. Home to the financial titans of Wall Street, the place where the U.S. hosts United Nations delegates, and an area that's positively packed with pricey real estate, Manhattan is a cultural juggernaut. It can also be a confusing one, mainly because it's riddled with fifteen or so different districts all as diverse as they are delightful. That's why a Manhattan car rental simply makes sense: It allows to you explore all that the borough has to offer.

Driving Through Manhattan

When you rent a car in Manhattan, the most difficult question to answer is where you should go first. Roughly divided into three sections—Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown—the borough offers enough to keep travelers on vacations to New York occupied for a dozen getaways. Drive north to Harlem and Upper Manhattan to see the Apollo Theater, where stars such as Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill got their big breaks, or head southeast for the gourmet grub and cutting-edge fashion of the Chelsea Garment District. Seinfeld fans should enjoy tooling around the Upper West Side, which includes a certain restaurant where Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer often enjoyed a cuppa. Lower Manhattan is worth a visit if only to glimpse the Statue of Liberty and see the 9/11 memorial at One World Trade Center, although keep in mind that the traffic will likely be brutal. When you're ready to get away from all the busyness, head about 35 miles east for some deep-sea fishing and delicious seafood in Freeport, New York. Want culture combined with history? Forty-five minutes to the north lies Sleepy Hollow, New York, which served as the setting for Washington Irving's most famous story.

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