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Uncovering the Freakshake Craze

With the rise of Instagram-worthy food, nothing has quite made headlines like the epic madness of milkshake overload. Foodie and travel expert, Erin Bender of Explore With Erin is on the ground where Freakshakes were birthed to introduce us to this sinful drink. I...
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How to Experience Mexico’s Top Tourist Hot Spots Like a Local

If you’re headed to the beach towns of Mexico, chances are there’s a short list from which you’re drawing. Mexico’s top tourist destinations have some of the most spectacular beaches and hotels in the world, and you should definitely go and enjoy them. But if you want...
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Traveling Alone: 8 Incredibly Helpful Solo Travel Tips

Solo travel for beginners! We’ve partnered with solo travel expert Angie Orth from Angie Away to share these tips. 

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America’s Most Romantic Cities

Romance is in the air. When you take off for a romantic escape, you want someplace where the two of you can feel the love. We looked at Travelocity’s 25 most popular destinations to find the most romantic cities by analyzing factors such as the number of French...
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