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Brush up your bon jour before taking flights to Paris, France. The City of Lights welcomes visitors from all over, especially if they can speak a few words of the refined language. By all means, take in world-renowned attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and The Louvre. But also be sure to drive one of the car rentals in Paris to experience the nearby towns and villages that give the country much of its character.

Driving In and Around Paris

You can easily find rental cars in Paris at the airport, which lies a little over 15 miles from the city center. Check into one of the charming independently-owned Paris hotels before driving to Giverny, once the home of Claude Monet. The artist's house and gardens are the main draws here. You may find many of the vistas within the grounds familiar, because they appeared in many of Monet's paintings. As its name implies, the Giverny Museum of Impressionism hosts traveling exhibits that feature impressionists and, occasionally, the artist's work. History buffs will enjoy visiting Senlis, a medieval town that's almost completely ignored by tourists. Its walls date from the Roman era and its Gothic cathedral is older than Notre Dame. The Museum of Art and Archaeology gives you the low-down on what's been happening the area from Neolithic times to the 19th century.

Exploring Paris

Whether you're searching for the best hotels or cheapest car rentals in Paris, you can get mobile exclusive deals on the Travelocity app. Multiple options let you narrow your selections by such criteria as date and price. Tapping on one item in the resulting list displays more information, including photos and reviews by other travelers. Try to spend as few euros as you can on your flight and hotel, so you can splurge on the delicious croissants, souffles, and ratatouille.

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