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You’re going to love this. We’ve built an amazing map to help you figure out routes from your Cologne car rental company to any of the hotels in the Cologne area. You can even map out routes from your hotel to any of the many sights to see in the city. Try it out!
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Located in the western portion of Germany and split right down the middle by the winding Rhine River, ancient Cologne is a bustling and majestic city. Embracing both its history and its future, it is home to one of Europe's grand Gothic cathedrals as well as mammoth modern skyscrapers reaching for the heavens. A wealth of cultural riches can be found in and around the area, so a car rental in Cologne is a necessity when exploring the beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.

Driving in and Around Cologne

Once you've landed at the airport, there are many options for Cologne rental cars to fit your taste and budget, and it's only a nine-mile drive to the city center. There are plenty of amazing hotels in Cologne that you can make your headquarters, and from there you can explore the city and beyond. Fans of Ludwig van Beethoven and all things high culture will want to visit nearby Bonn. Not only can you walk in the steps of the great classical composer, but there is more art, history, and music than you can shake a stick at.
One of Germany's most famous exports is beer, and if you're a fan of this refreshing, sudsy beverage, then drive your Cologne car rental north to Dusseldorf, where the beer flows like water. The Old Town, or Alstadt, is jokingly referred to as Germany's longest bar, with plenty of pubs and beer gardens to satisfy your thirst while taking in the uniquely German culture.

Exploring Cologne

Who doesn't love history, beer, and music? Cologne and the surrounding cities are overflowing with all of these and more, so find a Cologne flight that fits your budget and schedule, and get ready for a pleasure overload. And don't forget, you can save up to $537 when you book a hotel and flight at the same time on Travelocity!