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Visiting Hawaii isn’t just about getting lei’d and eating so much SPAM that you start to question the merits of uncanned meat. The islands are where you can test your fortitude on the side of Diamond Head and watch hot lava creep its way toward the ocean in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The GPS in your Hawaii car rental will tell you to make a U-Turn and you’ll throw back your head back and laugh: You’re going off the grid. There are no wrong turns here. By the time you check out of your hotel, the front desk clerk will be thinking “The Aloha is strong with this one.”

Visiting Hawaii

You bought a brand new swimsuit to blend in with locals on Waikiki Beach, and we have to say it: You are pulling. it. off. After you’ve built the sand castle to end all sand castles, moat and all, grab one of our Hawaii rental cars and head north to Kailua. There is an Olympic-level kite surfer inside you just waiting to be let out of its cage, and now’s your chance to remove the padlock. When you rent a car in Maui, the famous Road to Hana sends out a siren song. Yes, that song is a ukulele version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The journey on Hana Highway takes you across dozens of bridges and around some adventurous hairpin turns. The drive is somewhat challenging, but your reward is an eye-full of seaside vistas and rushing waterfalls the entire way. An even trade, we say.

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