Wellsboro Golf Vacations

Map of Wellsboro Golf Courses

Try out our interactive map of Wellsboro and find the best hotels nearby your favorite golf course. You might even find a new golf club to visit, such as Tyoga Country Club.
Wellsboro City Map

Plan Your Best Golf Vacation to Wellsboro Ever!

Looking to plan a relaxing golf getaway in Wellsboro? Travelocity can help you book your hotel, flight and car to get you to the finest golf courses in Wellsboro right away. We can recommend some top resorts like The Canyon Motel and The Penn Wells Hotel And Lodge, that are close by some of the most scenic golf courses in the area. Go ahead and browse our selection of private and public golf courses in Wellsboro below and get started planning your trip!

With 2 hotels to choose from, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania has the perfect place for you to stay during your relaxing getaway to the links. And don't forget there are other great things to do in Wellsboro like Tyoga Country Club, and over 1 more!

We also have car rental deals in case you don’t want to rely on public transportation, or your friends are too cheap to loan you their car! Travelocity has the top rental car companies all at your fingertips, so you can trust us to help you get around Wellsboro stress-free.