There’s a reason this town was nicknamed the “Comeback City.” Deep inside the Rust Belt, Cleveland has cleaned up its act and learned to rock!

Cleveland was built on the backs of automotive and steel plants, but when those industries dried up, the city rose to the challenge. It launched into a decades-long second act, revitalizing its downtown, attracting celebrity chiefs to trendy bistros, and throwing open its doors to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

What to do in Cleveland? Start with a little time in nature. An “Emerald Necklace” of parks surrounds the city’s downtown area inviting you for a jog, run, or rollerblade. You may even see a few horseback riders taking advantage of the gorgeous fall days. Hit the showers and then make your way to the University Circle district, where you can get some more exercise wandering through some of the best museums in the world. Don’t forget to take a tour of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to reminisce with all the rocker legends that have made their mark on the music world.

When the sun goes down, it’s time to eat and play. In the Tremont neighborhood, you’ll find high-end restaurants and maybe even a celebrity chief or two. Whatever your belly is hungry for—Italian, pan-Asian, or pure Americana—you can find it in Cleveland.

The list of things to do in Cleveland is endless. Spend a day skimming over the churning waters of Lake Erie on a jet ski or picking through handmade Amish crafts in Shaker Square, or laughing your you-know-what off at an improve show along the Detroit Shoreway. It all goes to show that Cleveland isn’t just surviving—it is alive and well and ready to rock, thank you very much. Are you ready to rock some sweet travel deals? Take a look at our Cleveland vacation packages to get a deal that will make you feel like a superstar in your own right.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleveland

What is Cleveland known for?

Cleveland is an all-American city with tons of midwestern culture. It's home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was the setting of The Drew Carey Show. It's also known for its Eastern European culture and food, such as Paczkis (doughnut-like pastries filled with jam) and Pierogis (cheese-stuffed dumplings).

What lake is Cleveland on?

Located in the northeastern part of Ohio, Cleveland sits on the shores of Lake Erie. On the other side of the lake lies the Canadian Province of Ontario. Lake Erie is one reason Cleveland's winters are as cold and wet as they are, a phenomenon called "Lake Effect."

How did the Cleveland Browns get their name?

Team owner Mickey McBride asked for fan submissions, and the most popular was the Cleveland Browns. It's unclear whether fans meant to name it after the team's first coach, Paul Brown, or for boxer Joe Luis, whose nickname was "Brown Bomber."