An 18th-century frigate sits moored to a pier while water taxis crisscross the harbor. Take a plunge into the past in Charm City.

Baltimore is home to some serious history, stretching back to its establishment in 1729. It's still an important Atlantic port, known for seafood and the iconic Inner Harbor. Hundreds of distinctive and historic neighborhoods extend inland from the water, reflecting the many different groups of immigrants who've historically found homes here.

Boasting the most public monuments per capita in the United States, there are little pieces of the past all around this town. However, the most notable historic attraction is undoubtedly the Fort McHenry National Monument. This bastion was built in 1798 and served the nation's military through World War II. Most famously, it was the site of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812, when the action inspired Francis Scott Key to write what would later become the national anthem. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the expansive waterfront lawn, take a self-guided tour of the fort, and learn more through interpretive programs put on by park rangers.

Seven miles of waterfront run from Fort McHenry into the Inner Harbor, which can be explored on foot or by water taxi. The harbor is a hub for visitors looking for things to do in Baltimore. Major attractions include the National Aquarium, featuring thousands of different animals and unique experiences in the 4-D Immersion Theater. Will you join the locals dining at one of the harbor's many restaurants? There are plenty of places to enjoy the city's renowned fresh seafood right on the water, but no palate will be disappointed by the Inner Harbor's many dining options.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Baltimore

How did Baltimore get its name?

Baltimore was named after Cecil Calvert, the second Lord of Baltimore. He was in the Irish House of Lords and founded the Province of Maryland. The name is an Anglicized version of the original Irish which meant "town of the big house." Baltimore's nickname, Charm City, was devised by travel marketers to bring more people to the city. The moniker was successful.

What food is Baltimore known for?

Pit beef is Baltimore's most iconic food. It's a bit like barbeque, in that it's cooked on a grill and usually piled high on a sandwich, but many liken it to roast beef. The city also has plenty of New England-style seafood to offer, along with the most famous local beer, National Bohemian, AKA "Natty Bo" to locals.

How big is Baltimore?

Baltimore has a population of around 614,000 people and an area of just over 92 square miles (238 square kilometers). Its suburbs stretch out to meet those of Washington DC along Interstate 95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, so many residents have ties to both cities.