Fast cars, a clean-cut image, and a beautiful canal district make The Crossroads of America a favorite for Midwest road trips and more.

Indianapolis literally means “Indiana City.” This state capital’s founders envisioned a thriving port city, but failed to consider that the White River is only easily navigable in the spring. Luckily, that didn’t stop it from becoming the state’s largest city. Plus, there’s still the beautiful—if not altogether useful—Indianapolis central canal district, where you can stroll along the river’s edge to relax.

Ready to speed things up? Indianapolis knows how to do that, too. Home to the Indianapolis Speedway and host of the Indy 500 annual race, each spring the area is flooded with NASCAR fans looking for adrenaline and gasoline pumping sports. Of course, racing isn’t the only sport that locals are passionate about. You’ll have friends for life if you’re caught discussing the merits of the current Colts lineup in any local watering hole.

NASCAR fans might assume that the famous speedway is the reason for this city’s nickname, but it’s not. Instead, the nickname is a pretty accurate and literal description of the area. Look at a map of Indiana and you’ll see a spiderweb of interstates, highways, and roads that all meet in the middle, with Indianapolis’ beltway serving as a giant roundabout that manages traffic from all over the United States. So if you’re wondering what to do in Indianapolis, just go for a drive. Who knows where your journey might take you?

If you’re visiting in June, the Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Fest is one of the best things to do in Indianapolis. Sample your favorite grapes from more than a dozen local wineries, take a class together, on how to cook with wine, and enjoy some sweet (yet complex) tunes at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Indianapolis

Why is Indianapolis called "Circle City?"

was based off Washington D.C.'s, with a circle in the center of the city where a government official was expected to live. During the early 1900s, the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument was built in the circle, and the name "Circle City" has stuck ever since.

How big is Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Built in 1909, Indianapolis Motor Speedway's track is 2.5 miles long. The speedway facility covers over 560 acres of Indiana.

What food is Indianapolis known for?

The original settlers of Indianapolis were of European descent, so you can find a lot of restaurants that feature German, British, and Irish cuisine. A point of local pride is the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich-a battered and deep-fried pork cutlet on a bun. Locals are also rave about sugar cream pie, "Hoosier pie," which features a flaky pie crust filled with sugar, milk, butter, and spices.