When this town thaws out, it celebrates summer with a seemingly endless season of festivals, pub crawls, and long days on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee is the good-natured city that you’ll want to sit back and have a beer with. Once the beer-making capital of the country, Milwaukee will be more than happy to oblige you with a pint. Though the only major beer maker still in residence is Miller, a new wave of trendy breweries is revitalizing the place that still calls itself “Brew City.”

In the early 20th century, Milwaukee opened its arms to an influx of German and Polish immigrants. That heritage can still be found in the city’s stubborn fondness for polka and its obsession with sausage. Just go with it. Your stomach will thank you when you polish off a delicious brat with a side of beer cheese soup.

The best time to take advantage of our Milwaukee vacation packages is during the summer and the fall. There’s a reason this town is also known as the “City of Festivals,” after all; as soon as the snow starts melting, the sweaters come off and festival season starts. There are always things to do in Milwaukee during festival season, including the Milwaukee Brewfest, the Lakefront Kite Festival, and even the Asian Moon Festival (we don’t really know what that one is, but it sounds cool). The gem of festival season is Summerfest, which brings hundreds of bands over eleven days. Make sure your phone is charged, because you’re going to want full access to your lighter app to wave around during the warm, balmy nights.

What to do in Milwaukee if you can’t make it during summer? Assuming you don’t want to spend your entire trip building increasingly lavish and detailed snowmen, visit the Harley-Davidson Museum or the Milwaukee Art Museum, where you can see one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Quadracci Pavilion. It looks like a bird just about to launch itself into the wide blue Wisconsin sky. If nothing else, you can grab a Miller and make like a Milwaukeean—and hit the bowling alley!

Frequently Asked Questions about Milwaukee

What is Milwaukee known for?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its beer brewing. Miller Brewing Company is headquartered in the city, and the local baseball team is even named the Milwaukee Brewers. Additionally, the city is known for its location along Lake Michigan and its stunning waterfront views.

When is Juneteenth in Milwaukee?

Juneteenth Day is celebrated annually in Milwaukee on June 19th. The event commemorates the abolishment of slavery.

How big is Milwaukee?

Milwaukee covers roughly 97 square miles and is home to nearly 600,000 people.