Once you do a little exploring, you’ll find out why this capital city is a hidden gem of true Americana with a fab foodie, art, and sports scene.

From the outside, Ohio’s biggest city may look a little ho-hum, but underneath that proud Buckeyes sweater beats the heart of a vibrant and all-around cool city. Once a savvy traveler like you sees behind the curtain, you’re in for a lot of fun.

Columbus is one of those destinations that encourages you to slow down and truly appreciate the experience of the destination. It’s not going to blast you with glitz and glamor, but it will enthrall you with the way sunlight dapples across stunningly rich flowers at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. It will drench your senses with the sweet smell of fresh honey at the North Market Farmers Market. It can even get your heart thundering in your chest when you visit Ohio Stadium (just call it “The Shoe”) to root on the Buckeyes. (Anyone who dismisses college ball won’t be singing that tune for long after meeting the Columbus locals.)

There are plenty of things to do in Columbus, especially for travelers who like to really take the measure of a place. For example, you can easily spend an entire day down at the Short North Arts District wandering through quirky galleries, sipping wine at a new fusion place, and following the beat to a dive bar where you can meet student philosophers from nearby Ohio State.

If you aren’t sure what to do in Columbus, you just aren’t looking hard enough. Grab one of our Columbus vacation packages and fly down in July for the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest. What does jazz have to do with ribs? Who cares, they’re both awesome and filling. That’s Columbus for you. A little funky, a little artsy, and a little foodie-ish. Now that we’ve shown you the city’s secrets, you have no excuses for not having a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions about Columbus

What makes Columbus unique?

Columbus is special for a number of reasons. It's a rapidly growing city located alongside the Scioto River, which makes for an interesting landscape-and it's also home to Ohio State University, and is inhabited by a diverse population, including a sizable gay community.

How did Columbus get its name?

Founded in 1812, Columbus, Ohio, was named for Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer.

Where to fish in Columbus, Ohio?

After obtaining a fishing license, you can fish in the Scioto River that surrounds the city. For more fishing options, visit Alum Creek Lake, Madison Lake, Knox Lake, Washington Court House Reservoir, or the Hoover Reservoir.