Veterans Memorial

See a diverse array of sensational fairs, concerts and events at this entertainment center and memorial built to honor veterans of the Armed Forces.

The Franklin County Veterans Memorial functions not only as a monument to commemorate the services of the United States Armed Forces veterans but also as a multipurpose hall and auditorium. The memorial and its extensive events space regularly host public trade shows, concerts, exhibitions, performances, competitions and other events.

Check the Veterans Memorial website to find out what events are on during your stay in Columbus. Craft and jewelry fairs, bridal shows, music concerts and sports memorabilia shows are just some of the diverse events that occur in the memorial’s grand hall. Franklin County Veterans Memorial has over 145,000 square feet (13,500 square meters) of exhibition space, banquet rooms and a theater that fits almost 4,000 patrons, making the locale perfect for some of the biggest events in Columbus.

Since its dedication in 1955, the Veterans Memorial has hosted a huge array of shows, including concerts by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and Bruce Springsteen. It was at the Veterans Memorial that Arnold Schwarzenegger was crowned the world’s weightlifting champion in 1970. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic is now held here every year.

Take advantage of the memorial’s prime location on the riverfront. Wander over to the lush green Genoa Park, located just southeast of the memorial. Walk along the picturesque Lower Scioto Greenway, a riverside path that offers over 6 miles (10 kilometers) of multi-use trail. Use this pathway to arrive at your planned event at the memorial or pack some lunch and take a break by the waterfront and enjoy the Scioto River views.

The Franklin County Veterans Memorial is centrally located just across the river from downtown. Convenient on-site parking is available and a shuttle bus operates during the cold winter months. Purchase a value package for parking during longer events, fairs or conferences, or catch one of the convenient local Columbus buses on West Broad Street.