This town of steel has stripped away its industrial exterior and built itself into a diverse and enjoyable hub. It might be Pennsylvania’s best-kept cultural secret.

Pittsburgh was once a town of towering steel mills reigned over by industrial titan Andrew Carnegie. Though the Carnegie name is still woven into the fabric of the city, almost all the steel mills are gone. Don’t imagine that Pittsburgh is down and out, though. This steel town is reassembling itself into something new and better. Today, visitors will find clean skies, gorgeous parks, and hidden intellectual depth. If you’re wondering what to do in Pittsburgh, you have your choice of museums, parks, and restaurants serving up delicious food. When it’s time to dial down the esoteric pleasures of the mind, how about painting your face and hollering your lungs out? With the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins in residence, this rabid, year-round sports town is always cheering for someone.

Start your time in Pittsburgh by simply taking it all in. Hop onto one of the city’s cool inclines and ride up to the top of Mount Washington, where the glittering skyline stretches out before your eyes. See a shiny building that kind of looks like a castle? That’s the marvelous PPG Place.

Take in some of the city’s beautiful parks – there are a surprising number of them in Pittsburgh. Want to brush up on your double-axel? Head for Schenley Park’s outdoor ice skating rink. If you’d prefer not to be the center of attention, take a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo in Highland Park. If the rain starts pattering down, there are still plenty of things to do in Pittsburgh. For a town of its size, Pittsburgh’s museum scene is unbeatable, with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Museum of Art just two of many choices.

Don’t follow the crowds. Follow the beat of your own drum, and let it lead you to the surprising treasure that is Pittsburgh. This steel town has come a long way while reinventing itself, and if you take advantage of our Pittsburgh vacation packages, you can see that metamorphosis in action.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pittsburgh

Why is Pittsburgh called Steel City?

Andrew Carnegie opened the city's first steel mill in 1875, and by the early 20th century Pittsburgh was providing about half of the nation's steel. While energy harvesting (shale oil and natural gas) have replaced metalworks as the titan industry, steel will always be part of the city's identity.

How old is Pittsburgh, PA?

The city of Pittsburgh was founded on November 27th, 1758. The original settlement was anchored by a fort that was built to solidify the British colonies' control in an area where French settlers were beginning to encroach on the Crown's land claims.

What are the 3 rivers in Pittsburgh?

Downtown Pittsburgh lies on a triangle-shaped piece of land where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the larger Ohio River, which itself eventually empties into the Mississippi.