Ocean City

Towering hotels overlook a shore dotted with theme parks, restaurants, shops and even a golf course, making this narrow strip of sand the ultimate resort town.

Stretching between the Atlantic and two bays in Maryland, Ocean City is aptly named. A playground for more urban Western Shore residents, “the OC” is a bit like a juiced-up Coney Island. Thrill rides and carnival games compete with boardwalk roller skaters for your attention. For all that, figuring out what to do in Ocean City isn’t hard. Just follow the soaring kites, salty breezes, and the gaze of intently-focused lifeguards to the beach. Watch the waves roll in. If the weather’s right, go for a dip. Or stroll the boardwalk yourself—you’ll find shops, seafood, and some of the best people-watching the city has to offer

Despite Ocean City’s intention as a place of recreation, it’s not hard to find adrenaline-pumping action too. Spinning, speeding, and heart-stopping fun are all in a day’s work for amusement park rides—that is, if the beach bar cocktails don’t get all that started for you first. Hey, what happens in Ocean City stays in Ocean city, right? Of course, the real-life thrills on the beach have been carefully documented at the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum. Plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” there, too.

Looking for non-ocean things to do in Ocean City? Believe it or not, there’s far more to this city than its geography—like Ripley’s Believe it or Not – Ocean City. And for those seeking more refined pursuits, Wheels of Yesterday features the perfect car collection. As any wise wanderer knows, the best getaways help you, well, get away. So if you find yourself in need of respite from all the action, head just out of town to Assateague Island, where you can watch wild ponies frolic on a very different sort of beach visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ocean City

How Long is the Ocean City Boardwalk?

The Ocean City Boardwalk is just under 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) long. It was built in 1902 and then rebuilt again in 1962 to its current length after a hurricane wiped it out. Today, it's home to hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, amusements, and even a museum.

Where to fish in Ocean City, MD?

Known as the White Marlin capital of the world, Ocean City is on the bucket list of many fishermen, both amateur and experienced. A boat charter is a great way to catch fish in the Gulf Stream. If you want to stay on land, then the Route 50 Bridge, Assateague Beach, and the Inlet Park Pier are also great choices.

How far is Baltimore from Ocean City, Maryland?

Ocean City has long been a favorite getaway for residents of both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The resort town is 145 miles from either metropolis using a route that crosses the Chesapeake Bay via Route 50.