You don’t need stellar grades to visit the home of one of America’s most famous Ivy League universities. A desire to see picturesque New Jersey will do just fine.

The name alone makes it almost impossible for Princeton to be anything other than charming. This area of Mercer County has hosted some of the country’s most defining revolutionary moments and was home to some of the best minds in the nation. Retrace the steps of many fascinating figures as you explore the enchanting brick buildings and gorgeous green spaces.

Of course, a visit to Princeton University is on the cards for most. The greenery growing up the exterior of Princeton’s Nassau Hall makes for a perfect social media snapshot, and the fact that this building was the capitol of the USA for a short period in 1783 doesn’t hurt its appeal either.

Assume your best thoughtfully -contemplating-art pose at the Princeton University Art Museum, a campus museum founded in 1882 with a staggering quantity of renowned artwork inside (more than 90,000 pieces at last count). Peer down the rows of European paintings, puzzle out the meaning of a modern masterpiece, or make a sketch of an ancient African sculpture.

While Princeton University dominates the area, it’s far from the only place worthy of your time and attention. Check out Morven Museum & Garden, or just Morven for short. On a clear day, the stark white walls pop vibrantly against a bright blue sky; it’s easy to see why it served as the governor’s mansion for almost four decades.

When you’re ready to eat, drink, and be merry, rest assured that the local student body help keep some funky and delightful eateries in business year-round. Try the local hoagie shop for a Princeton classic, or skip straight to dessert with a “do it yourself” frozen yogurt. And after the sun goes down, take a lazy stroll along Nassau Street to find a friendly spot to drink and dance the night away.