New Jersey

While the Garden State has a reputation for being NYC’s suburbs, this state has a thriving metropolis and culture all its own.

Despite being the fourth-smallest state, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation—9 million people call it home! Jersey, as the locals lovingly call it, has been made famous by the often-ridiculous antics of Jersey Shore characters, but it’s far more than a strip of beach on reality television. If you have never been to this historic place to see the old lighthouses, you must know that most don’t have an issue finding things to do in Atlantic City or wherever you end up, as New Jersey has endless activities to do for any traveler. Head upstate to Lake Hopatcong to slip a boat into the water, go for a swim, or feel like Iron Man while flying through the air with your own water-powered jetpack.

If you’re looking for other fun activities to do in New Jersey, head to The Oranges. That’s South Orange, West Orange, East Orange, and Orange Township. The Oranges are among the state’s most affluent areas, so get ready to eyeball some beautiful homes. Then revel in history at Thomas Edison National Historic Park and St. John Church.

While Jersey has plenty to offer on its own, it’s just too close to The Big Apple to ignore, so hop on a ferry in Jersey City and snap some photos of the Statue of Liberty on your way to Ellis Island. You’re just one of millions who have felt the spritz of bay water on their faces on this leg of a much longer journey, so very far from home.

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