The Heart of the Commonwealth. The Most Innovative Square Mile on the Planet. The Renaissance City. This huge New England metropolitan area has them all.

Boston was one of the first cities in the original 13 colonies, and has since grown far beyond its peninsula. Its suburbs have met up with Cambridge, Worchester, Lowell, Quincy, and even Providence, Rhode Island. Today, the Boston Area is the fourth-largest metropolitan area of its kind in the United States and a cultural anchor for many of the surrounding suburban and rural areas.

Not sure what to do near Boston? Pick a college, any college. There are more than 50 around, including pinnacles of education like Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge University. Yes, the locals are smart, as well as entrepreneurial and philanthropic. For a city with such a long history (at least, by American standards), that’s an accomplishment all its own.

Speaking of history, there’s loads of it on the harbor. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to see where the United States earned its reputation as a rebellious colony in 1773. This also happens to be the top-rated museum in the city, so spend the whole day meeting early American rebels, exploring period vessels, and of course enjoying a piping hot cup of tea.

If you’re looking for things to do in Boston at night, know that the perfect Bostonian evening out includes both high-brow and low-brow entertainment. Take in a show at the Boston Symphony Orchestra or at the Theatre District, some of the best in the nation. Throw back some beers while debating the finer points of the latest Patriots, Sox, or Celtics game, then stuff yourself to the gills with local seafood specialties such as cod and thick, creamy clam chowder at the great places to eat throughout the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Boston

Why is Boston called Beantown?

The most common theory about the nickname "Beantown" goes all the way to the colonial days. The story goes that some enterprising Pilgrims started putting molasses in their baked beans instead of the traditional maple syrup. The dish became so popular that sailors and other visitors began referring to the city as the "Bean Town." Needless to say, the nickname stuck.

How did Boston get its name?

The original English settlers named their colony "Trimountaine" because there were three hills in the area; however, it didn't quite have the same ring to it as the shorter, more pronounceable name "Boston." As the population grew, the hills were razed for development, and the city was renamed after Boston, England.

When is Boston Marathon, and how long is it?

The Boston Marathon takes place every year on the third Monday in April. The state of Massachusetts has a pretty convenient holiday on that day too, and while it may officially be called Patriots' Day, to the locals it's Marathon Monday. The course is 26.2 miles long, starting in the suburb of Hopkinton and ending in Copley Square in Boston.