New York City

Yellow taxis move through the streets, dwarfed by the most famous skyline in the world. Clear your palate and take a bite out of the Big Apple.

This town is the epitome of a concrete jungle, but it wasn’t always buildings that tickled the sky. New York City didn’t get its first skyscrapers until the turn of the century—though it’s been on quite the construction spree ever since. But don’t be fooled by the brick co-ops and concrete wonders lining the streets. Cradled between the stunning structures are slivers of Mother Nature’s bounty, each as picturesque as a Van Gogh painting. From the vastness of Central Park to the elevated trail of the High Line, there’s plenty of things to do in New York that’ll make you feel like part of the great outdoors.

Speaking of beauty, yuppies and well-to-dos like to refer to this city as the “Nexus of the Arts.” That’s quite accurate, considering the famous artists who at one point in time called this city home: Andy Warhol, Peggy Guggenheim, Annie Leibowitz, and Stan Lee, to name a few. But you don’t need to be part of high society to enjoy the finer things—like a few days spent exploring the city’s museums. These celebrations of art, history, and culture are among the top places to visit in New York, even if you aren’t entirely sure what that one painting consisting of a single red dot is supposed to mean. By the way, NYC is home to more than one type of art. Put on something nice and head for Broadway, where you can take in a performance for the ages.

The best time to visit New York depends on…you! Summers are hot and humid, and best spent catching fly balls at Yankees games and wandering through the surrounding Bronx borough, which is home to some of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. If you’re looking for something other than spaghetti and meatballs, make your way to Chinatown and enjoy a plate of stir-fried chicken with Sichuan pepper. Visiting during winter? Put on your snow boots and join the New Year’s Eve festivities, because this city knows how to party.

No matter when you want to visit, it’s always a great time to purchase one of our New York City vacation packages. Can’t decide what to do in NYC? Stop asking and find out—let your sense of adventure wander!

Frequently Asked Questions about New York City

How big is Central Park in New York City?

The park sits on over 840 acres of land, and is 2.5 miles long and .5 miles wide. Every year, it hosts over 30 million visitors.

What's the tallest building in New York City?

There are loads of skyscrapers in the Big Apple, and the tallest one is 1,776 feet high. Which building is it? The One World Trade Center, known to some as the Freedom Tower, which is the central building of the reconstructed World Trade Center complex.

How far is Niagara Falls from New York City?

The three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls are on the border of Ontario, Canada, and New York State-about 400 miles from New York City. It would take you six to seven hours to get there.