This sturdy town along the banks of a powerful river and surrounded by mountains is pure Americana.

If you want to see America, feel America, eat and breathe America, you’ll find it right here in Cincinnati. This town has got something intangible, which you’ll feel when you walk along the classy neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Mt. Adams.

Cincinnati doesn’t really do glitz and glamor, but it sure does neon. Feel your eyes watering? Then you must have made your way to the American Sign Museum. Yes, that’s really a thing. Put on your sunglasses, because your retinas are in for a ride as you gaze upon glowing neon signs from the past. Want a few other things to do in Cincinnati? Well, you could always enjoy the happening nightlife at the chic bars scattered along Mt. Adams…but personally, we suggest you knock off a few more entries on your weird museums bucket list—you have one of those, right?

Cincinnati is your crazy museum nirvana. Once you pull yourself away from the American Sign Museum (take your time), follow it up with the Cincinnati Fire Museum and then cap off your trip at the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum. Okay, technically the ventriloquist museum is in nearby Fort Mitchell, but will that stop you from filling up on a lifetime’s worth of nightmare fodder? We didn’t think so.

Speaking of fodder, if you’re still wondering what to do in Cincinnati, sit down for a bite. The chili will definitely put some hair on your chest (you too, ladies). The local delicacy is the “Five-Way,” a don’t-you-dare-show-me-the-calorie-count spaghetti dish slathered with cheese, beans, onion, and chili. If your future self built a time machine just to kick you for over-indulging in the Five-Way, perhaps you’d better stick to Queen City’s other famous treat, the Goetta, a pork and oats breakfast sausage.

Sound tasty? If you grab one of our Cincinnati vacation packages, you can put your mouth where your mouth is and compete in a goetta eating contest, part of the annual Goetta Fest the city hosts each year in August. Happy food shoveling!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cincinnati

What is Cincinnati known for?

In a word, "baseball." Cincinnati is home to the first fully-professional United States baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds-though it was originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Fans can learn more about this classic pastime at the Great American Ball Park, not to mention visit the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum. Another impressive first: Cincinnati boasts the first municipal fire department, which was established in 1853.

What are the 7 Hills of Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is a hilly city, and it earned the moniker "The City of Seven Hills" both in honor of its topography and to pay homage to its beloved Rome, with which it holds a historical association. The term "Seven Hills" leads to a bit of debate; locals can't seem to agree which combination of Cincinnati's many hills truly comprises "The Seven Hills." Figure it out when you get there!

What food is Cincinnati known for?

Cincinnatians are serious about their eats. Ask any local, and they'll tell you to start with Goetta, a meat-and-grain concoction sometimes referred to as "German caviar." They'll then point you to favorites like the chili at Skyline and the ribs at Montgomery Inn. If you've got a sweet tooth, don't miss the unfathomably creamy ice cream at Graeter's, and swing by Servati Pastry Shop to taste their blissful baked goods.