Pittsburgh Museums

What do Andy Warhol, dinosaur bones and hundreds of bicycles have in common? Not only are they all awesome, but you can also find them in Pittsburgh's museums.

You might not expect that a city known for its industrial past would be a haven for educational museums, but it's true. Pittsburgh is home to some of the world's best collections of artifacts, paintings and niche exhibits. No matter who you are, it's very likely there's a museum in Pittsburgh for you. Traveling with kids who just want to experiment with art (and get paint everywhere)? No problem; entertain them in Pittsburgh's musuems. Interested in biblical history? Pittsburgh has something for you. Have an interest in pharmaceutical history? A bit unusual, perhaps, but also catered for in Pittsburgh. Take the chance to uncover Pittsburgh's past, present and future cultural scene by wandering in one of the city's many museums.
We've rounded up some of our favorite Pittsburgh museums to help you plan a jam-packed itinerary.

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Kids Museums in Pittsburgh

  • There's no better place to let the kids run wild than at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Not only are antics allowed, but they're actively encouraged in this interactive play space.
  • The kids will adore the miniature railroad at the Carnegie Science Center. Take a peak at this tiny village frozen in time.
  • In Pittsburgh's Cultural District, cartoon art comes to life at ToonSeum, a fun museum for kids of all ages, even if that age is 80.

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Quirky Pittsburgh Museums

  • Celebrate the world of bicycles in the neighborhood of Chateau. You'll be surrounded by historic two-wheelers, including on the ceiling.
  • Head to the University of Pittsburgh campus to visit the Elmer H. Grimm Sr. Pharmacy Museum, filled with historic pharmacy displays and items.
  • The Mattress Factory, a museum in Central Northside, has nothing to do with mattresses and everything to do with contemporary art.

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History Museums in Pittsburgh

  • Military history is honored at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum in Oakland, which is the largest memorial in the U.S. that focuses on all military branches.
  • Did you know about Pittsburgh's role in the American Revolution or the French and Indian War? You will after a visit to the Fort Pitt Museum!
  • On the North Shore, the Andy Warhol Museum features over 4,000 pieces of Warhol art and includes information on his connections to Pittsburgh.