The “City of the Big Shoulders” offers world-class culture, incredible dining, and a friendly disposition (unless you’re a Packers fan). Welcome to C-Town!

Once the main transportation hub between the eastern and western parts of the United States, Chicago was major influence in the country’s fortunes. The industry attracted tons of immigrants to the area where they wanted to grab their chance at the fabled American Dream. Besides their tireless work ethic, they also brought parts of their homeland with them, creating a bubbling pot of customs, cultures, and cuisines. A tasty way to experience the culture is by dining at some of the amazing places to eat in Chicago. A bite of deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwich, or even a Chicago-style hot dog (please, don’t ask for ketchup) is loaded with as much history as it is toppings.

Chicago’s spot on Lake Michigan means summer’s warm weather and cool breezes are what vacations are made of. Locals know what to do in Chicago when the sun is shining, so join them in strolling the tree-lined trails along the Gold Coast or the Chicago Riverwalk…or find that perfect souvenir on the Magnificent Mile. Chicago’s location also means winters can be quite cold, but the Windy City doesn’t run from its namesake. This sports town won’t allow snow to get in the way of cheering on the Bears, Blackhawks, or Bulls.

For those that would rather break down an impressionist masterpiece than a replay, the Art Institute of Chicago beckons. Founded in 1879, it attracts over a million visitors every year. It’s easy to spend an entire day getting lost in the cerulean shades of Picasso’s The Old Guitarist or imagine the conversations heard over a cup of black coffee in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Just north of here, you’ll see the creativity stretching out into public space. Millennium Park’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion metal arms stretch across grassy green lawns, and you’ll always find people admiring the Cloud Gate’s reflective comprehension of the city’s skyline.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Chicago

Why is Chicago called "The Windy City"?

There is actually some disagreement about how Chicago got its famous nickname. Many residents will tell you that the name comes from the frigid winds that gust through the city off Lake Michigan. However, some historians point to earlier uses of the term to describe Chicago politicians as "full of hot air" in the late 19th century.

What's the weather like in Chicago?

Chicago enjoys all four seasons of the year. Its fall and spring are relatively temperate, though they can get chilly at night. Summer brings higher temps that can rise into the mid-80s, along with some serious humidity. Winters are downright cold in Chicago, and are notorious for freezing winds.

What does Chicago mean?

Chicago was a culinary destination even from its earliest days. The word "Chicago" is an Algonquian term that means "place of the onion."