String bands strum banjos on the fabled stages of historic music venues like the Grand Ole Opry, Station Inn, and Robert’s Western World. Welcome to “Music City.”

Before Nashville became the booming capital city it is today, it was just a tiny town in the middle of the Tennessee wilderness. Founded by John Donelson, James Robertson, and a band of frontiersmen, it quickly grew into a major trading outpost along the Cumberland River. Even though it was devastated during the Civil War, the city bounced back and has been moving towards the future ever since—especially when it comes to the country music scene.

The list of musicians who either got their start here or passed through it on their way to the top should definitely ring a few bells: Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, Garth Brooks, and Jessi Colter to name a few. And while passing through town on their way to the Country Music Hall of Fame, there’s a good chance they took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. It’s perhaps the most famous of all music venues in the state, and catching a show there is a must-do activity in Nashville.

Eventually the day turns to night and the energy in the city streets turns up a notch. The nightlife in this town is on par with anything you’ll come across in Vegas or New York City. As you wander down Broadway, you’ll pass underneath the neon signs of places like The Stage, The Second Fiddle, Full Moon Saloon, and countless others claiming to be the best bars in town. Duck into a few. Meet the locals. Throw back a few Tennessee whiskies. Cheers to life!

The capital city of America’s 16thstate yearns for your presence. Whether you’re in town for business or because you’d like a banjo wizard to serenade you with honky-tonk tunes, our Nashville vacation packages won’t let you down. What to do in Nashville is entirely up to you, wise wanderer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nashville

Where's the best place to go boating in Nashville?

The best Nashville boating experience for you depends on whether you're a river rider or a lake lover. The Cumberland River is a popular canoeing route, and it's conveniently located in the city limits. Old Hickory Lake is located just 29 miles northeast of Nashville, and it's perfect of fishing or a lazy day on the water.

How far is Dollywood from Nashville?

Dollywood is located approximately 214 miles east of Nashville in the city of Pigeon Forge. The parks are surrounded by views of the Great Smoky Mountains, which makes the commute a great part of the trip.

Does it snow in Nashville?

Yes, Nashville receives an average of 6.1 inches of snow each winter, although recent winters have been milder than usual. Winter temperatures tend to be in the mid-30s, which is ideal for a good old-fashioned snowball fight.