Confederate Memorial Hall Museum

One of the oldest museums in Louisiana explores Civil War history via the second-largest collection of Confederate artifacts in the world.

Relive events of the American Civil War at the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum (also known as the Louisiana Civil War Museum). Browse an extensive assortment of original artifacts that celebrate the Confederate States of America and southern military history. Among the items are cannons, guns, flags and regalia. The museum amassed much of its collection as donations from former soldiers.

Inaugurated in 1891, the museum spreads throughout the rooms of a building known locally as the Battle Abbey of the South. The memorial service for Jefferson Davis, the first and last president of the Confederate States, took place here in 1893. Before going inside, take a moment to view the building’s church-like features. These include stained-glass windows, spires and an arched porch framed by rows of pillars.

View a display of more than 140 flags, many representing the old military regiments of Louisiana. One of the most historically valuable is the Confederate flag that was draped over the coffin of Jefferson Davis. See examples of Civil War weapons such as pistols, rifles and swords.

Peruse the personal belongings of Braxton Bragg, Robert E. Lee and other military generals. In another room are paintings and photographs, which portray significant battles that took place on Louisiana soil. There’s also a display of officers’ uniforms. Peruse the Confederate-related books, jewelry pieces and toys in the museum shop.

Located in the Arts District, the museum is easy to reach via the city’s public transportation network. Both buses and trams stop a short walk from the museum entrance. Secure parking is available for a fee adjacent to the building. While you’re here, stop at the Contemporary Arts Center, Ogden Museum of Southern Art and National World War II Museum, other major city attractions located nearby.

The Confederate Memorial Hall Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday. There is an admission fee; children under the age of 7 enter for free. Visit the museum’s official website for more information about the exhibits and any upcoming events.