Audubon Insectarium

Fascinating insects creep, crawl and flutter all around the extensive displays at this living museum, which promises a magical day out for adults and kids alike.

Visit Audubon Insectarium to be completely immersed in the captivating world of insects. Gain a special insight into the natural behavior of countless species of insect as you watch them going about their daily business. Learn through interactive, hands-on exhibits brought to life through animatronics and voiceovers.

The insectarium is the largest self-contained attraction of this kind in the U.S. Set aside a good amount of time to explore its many galleries, which sprawl across 23,000 square feet (2,137 square meters). The building which houses the museum is a wonder in itself, built in the colonial style and adorned with white marble pillars.

Meet insects and spiders collected from the local area in the Louisiana Swamp section of the museum. See them in a recreation of their natural habitat. Those who are brave enough can take part in the guided handling session, to see how it feels to have one of these charismatic bugs walk over your hands. Encounter other native creatures in the Insects of New Orleans section, which is set in a scene inspired by a French Quarter street.

Brace yourself for an exciting culinary journey in the Cooking Show and Cultural Café area, where insect-based cuisine will be prepared before your very eyes. Take the chance to sample some of these crunchy delights, or enjoy a tasty insect-free snack in the café instead.

See a wide range of butterfly species flying freely in the butterfly garden and learn about the remarkable process of metamorphosis. Watch butterflies breaking out of their cocoons and hear the stages of the transformation described by expert guides.

Discover what the world looks like through a bug’s eyes in the Life Underground area, featuring oversized exhibits including enormous animatronic insects.

Walk to Audubon Insectarium easily from anywhere in downtown New Orleans. Come in spring and summer when the museum is open every day of the week. This is also the time to see the butterflies at their colorful best. The insectarium is closed Mondays through the rest of the year.