Longue Vue House and Gardens

Wander colorful gardens dotted with fountains and experience the lavish lifestyle of a wealthy early 20th-century New Orleans family at this historic attraction.

Gain insight into the lives of New Orleans’ early 20th-century elite at this grand house and gardens, which have been carefully preserved and tended to for many decades. Discover the huge range of flowers on show in the Spanish-inspired gardens. Inside, see the luxurious array of art and furniture owned by the family who once dwelt in these extravagant rooms.

Get to know Edgar Bloom Stern as you explore the mansion. He was the philanthropist, businessman and cotton broker who commissioned the building of the house and gardens, and many of the objects on display here today were the personal belongings of his family. The architects behind the house were William and Geoffrey Platt, who were very big names at the time. Interestingly, the gardens and interior were designed by one of the rare female landscape architects of the day, the renowned Ellen Biddle Shipman.

Stroll around the 8 acres (32,375 square meters) of the carefully cultivated grounds, which were loosely based on the splendid Gardens of the Alhambra in Spain. Stop to look at the beautiful fountains which make this garden so distinctive. See how many different species of flower you can spot. The garden has been carefully planned so that at any time of the year something wonderful will be in bloom. Bring your children to the Discovery Gardens, an interactive area of the grounds specially designed with little visitors in mind.

Step inside the house and find yourself in an opulent world where almost every item is a beautiful antique. The pieces here come from all over the world and include collections of Op-Art and Kinetic Art, both very popular in the early 20th century. Climb the sweeping staircase to the upper floor and see the decadent bedrooms where the Stern family once slept.

Longue Vue House and Garden is located in the northwest of the city. A free parking lot makes accessing the attraction by car easy. Pay the entry fee and prepare to spend several hours exploring this fascinating relic of a bygone age.