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Molokai Car Rentals & Travel Guide

When you visit Hawaii, you’ll be greeted with hospitality like the warm winds floating over the Pacific Ocean. For a particularly enchanting welcome, set your watch to “island time" and spend your next vacation ambling from volcanos to coast in a car rental on Molokai Island; there’s no such thing as rush hour here. Located between Oahu and Maui, Molokai is known affectionately as “the Friendly Island." Home to more native Hawaiians than any other island, Molokai will introduce you to timeless traditions that make you nostalgic for days gone by as you sway with the palm trees.

Motoring Through Molokai

Start at the top with gorgeous peninsula views from Kamakou, the highest peak on Molokai, located on the east side of the island. You’ll want a Molokai rental car— a vehicle to adventure, if you will— to explore each mountain range and valley. Every road is the scenic route, with small villages and expansive beaches sprinkled across the landscape. Roll along Kamehameha V Highway to watch the sands of time swirl back and forth on south coast beaches. Wrap around the west shore and catch up on your reading list at secluded Dixie Maru Beach, where you might be the only person stretched out on the golden sand on this almost undiscovered island. Just remember the words of Mary Wortley Montagu: “Solitude begets whimsies." Deep blue water helps too. After meditating on the waves and some wise words from Rumi, take Kalae Highway over to Molokai Museum and Cultural Center in Kualapuu. You’ll discover the local history and spark your next adventure with the island’s homegrown gourmet coffee (your Molokai car rental won’t run on java, unfortunately).

Float westward and pick up one of our Maui car rentals to add some seaside city sights to your quiet Hawaiian getaway, without missing a single wave. You’ll need a place to stay and flights to get there. Book a Maui package to bundle the savings like Spam musubi— when in Maui...

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