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Unfolding like a flower below the majestic Cerro de la Silla mountain, the city of Monterrey, in the Mexican province of Nuevo Leon, entices travelers to experience its many charms. Over the years, Monterrey has become one of the country's most powerful economic and cultural engines, and now boasts Mexico's highest per-capita income. Along with this infusion of wealth has come dazzling new infrastructure.

Cruise the Lavish Boulevards of Monterrey

Monterrey flights to the city's international airport get you around 20 miles from downtown, but if you're especially eager to see the sights, forgo the taxi and find a Monterrey car rental. Drive down to the Gran Plaza, a monument to the city's current and future success. Covering an entire city block, the Gran Plaza includes well-maintained Spanish colonial buildings alongside towering skyscrapers and lush green parks. Dine at a bistro for lunch and don your dancing shoes for a night out on the town -- Monterrey is yours for the taking. When your feet begin to throb from nights spent partying in this metropolis, rent a car in Monterrey and take a short ride southeast to the small town of Santiago. Here you can let your toes breathe in sandals as you explore the vivid greenery of the De la Boca dam and the nearby bat cave. Make sure to get a good night's sleep, because adventure awaits upon the horizon. The Canon del Chipitin is a natural playground where you'll get the chance to go rafting or swim in subterranean rivers. Make sure to strike a pose by the area's waterfall for a photo worthy of a postcard to send home.

Experience the Jewel of Nuevo Leon

The state of Nuevo Leon is known for its hot and arid climate, but you wouldn't know it by the luxuriant character of its capital city. Car rentals in Monterrey open up the city to you, and all you've got to do is start the ignition. And with Travelocity, you can save up to $537 when you book flights to Mexico and hotels in Monterrey at the same time.

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