Los Cabos

One for partying, one for history, & still another for nature: this area at the southern tip of Baja is really three Mexican Riviera destinations all wrapped into one.

Los Cabos as a whole are often overshadowed by their most famous family member: Cabo San Lucas, or just “Cabo” for short. While this flashy sibling has much to offer the spring-breaker, the Mexican Riviera cruiser, and the water sportsman, the other cabos deserve a visit as well.

San Jose del Cabo was established in 1730 with the founding of Mission San Jose del Cabo at the mouth of the Rio San Jose. This river flows into an estuary that just happens to be the largest freshwater body in Baja California del Sur. Migrating birds stop to hydrate, so catch a glimpse of them on the beach, from an estuary-view hotel, or while swinging a club at one of several golf courses.

If you’re wondering what to do in Los Cabos that’s truly off the beaten path, visit the all but forgotten Cabo Pulmo. This gorgeous marine park with the oldest coral reef on the North American West Coast (there are only three total anyway). Take that, Cabo San Lucas.

Of course, all roads lead to “the” cabo to the west–especially since the jaw-dropping beauty of Land’s End boasts unique rock formations, including an impressive arch reaching out into the ocean. Take a boat tour to get the best views. Looking for things to do in Cabo San Lucas for couples? Ask your tour guide to drop you and your special someone off at nearby Lover’s Beach. The sand reaches from one side of Land’s End to the other, but stay away from the ocean side: locals have humorously named it Divorce Beach.

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