What to do In Atlantic City, NJ

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Places To Go In Atlantic City

The clacks of the boards create a tempo with the crashes of the shore. Clack, crash, clack, crash, and so the melody of Atlantic City goes, punctuated only by squeals of children on the Ferris wheel and the crank handles of taffy machines. For over a hundred years, Atlantic City’s boardwalk and Steel Pier have acted as a time machine. Here, you rediscover that innocent joy of winning arcade prizes and the thrill of danger riding the coasters. Atlantic City attractions offer a few grownup adventures of thrills and risks too, especially when you find yourself winning the jackpot in a local casino and feel your heart swell with pride at your luck. With Atlantic City hotels right along the shore, you’re only a short jaunt away from all the charm and delight the area has to offer.

Things to Do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is more than a place, it’s also a frame of mind. What do you want to feel? If you want to let go completely, there’s the shoreline waiting for you to lay a towel upon the warm sand and sit in quiet reflection. If you want to feel the thumps of your heart, follow the conductors to the spinning rides along the boardwalk or push the levers of the slot machines in the casinos and watch the cherries line up in a pretty row. And if you want to feel the speed of the earth beneath your wheels, sign up for a drag racing tour that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own glory. It’s not a matter of asking what to do in Atlantic City, it’s a matter of knowing what you want to take away from the experience: wonder, titillation, serenity—it’s all here.

Atlantic City vacations can be anything you want them to be. A revisit to childhood curiosity, a shock to the system, or a balance between thunderous casino floors and soft murmurs of the seagulls. Roam over, and experience the taffy and ocean mist for yourself in New Jersey.

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