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You’re going to love this. We’ve built an amazing map to help you figure out routes from your Accra car rental company to any of the hotels in the Accra area. You can even map out routes from your hotel to any of the many sights to see in the city. Try it out!
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For your trip to Accra, Ghana, you can rest easy on the language study, as people there speak English. That allows you to jump right into a range of pleasures, such as beaches, gardens, museums, the Jamestown area, and nightclubs. Take advantage of Accra car rentals to squeeze the most fun from your visit. Bask on the sandy coast during the day, or opt to take in one of the cultural attractions. At night, dance your heart out at a nightclub, or immerse yourself in the varied theater and musical offerings.

Driving in and around Accra

Accra's airport, Kotoka International, is 7 miles from downtown, making it a convenient spot for car rentals in Accra. For example, the airport is mere miles from several beautiful embassies and the University of Ghana, and stands only six miles from the exquisite Labadi Beach. Another bonus of the airport is that it's also very close to many hotels in Accra. After you've gotten settled in your room, you can head out to enjoy Accra. It doesn't matter which beach you visit; all offer playful waves with calm swimming. If you love beach sports such as Frisbee, volleyball, or football, check out Labadi Beach. Its strong winds ensure fun when you play your sports. If partying and Rastafarians are your thing, head to Kokrobite Beach, about 17 miles from Accra. For the history buff, stop by the Du Bois Centre to find out more about W.E.B. Du Bois. Also take some time for the Jamestown area, which was built by the Dutch in the 17th century.

Exploring Accra

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