Capitol Hill

High-spirited and soulful, this neighborhood keeps everyone guessing. With its round-the-clock energy, creative vibe, and old-world grandeur, you’ll want to be taken along for the ride.

You never know what Capitol Hill is going to do next. One thing is for sure, you’re probably going to like it. The neighborhood has a certain spark, a spur-of-the-moment irreverence that lights up its grand old façades and pretty brick row houses. From freshly minted fashion boutiques to experimental eateries and thought-provoking museums, Capitol Hill is always one step ahead.

Spend some time roaming Capitol Hill’s elegant old streets stacked with turn-of-the-century buildings. To experience Capitol Hill’s low-key style, take a stroll down the two main thoroughfares, Pike and Pine streets. Seattle has a reputation to uphold when it comes to coffee, and Capitol Hill goes above and beyond its duty. Order single-origin brews in laid-back cafés or explore the district’s proverbial pantry in Melrose Market. But first, head to Capitol Hill’s independent bookstores to pick up the perfect vacation novel.

Now that you’re sufficiently caffeinated and armed with a hamper and a good book, you’re all set to visit Capitol Hill’s parks and gardens. If you want our two cents, Volunteer Park and Cal Anderson Park are equally tied for best green space. If you brought your ankle-biter along, sunny days can be whiled away by Cal Anderson Park’s wading pool. It might sound macabre, but the Lake View Cemetery is also worth a look, especially if you’re a fan of Bruce Lee.

As dusk falls, Capitol Hill comes out to play. The neighborhood is the rainbow heartland of Seattle’s LGBT community and comes well equipped with an astonishingly long list of bars and clubs. Dine out in exciting restaurants helmed by experimental chefs or give your palate an education with local taverns that serve up Seattle’s artisanal ales. Capitol Hill goes the extra mile like that. Stick around awhile and you’ll want to go along for the ride.