This Pacific Northwest town may have its roots in the logging industry, but this trend-setting town has popularized everything from Grunge music to the spread of our coffee-obsessed culture.

You’ll have no problem figuring out what to do in Seattle. The city takes pride in its musical establishments, bookstores, and devotion to art, grub, and weirdness. Where else can you tantalize your taste buds with a surprise from the Mystery Soda Machine? Better yet, take this sugary offering to appease the Fremont Troll.

Seattle has a reputation for rainy days, but you only really need to pack your umbrella during the winter months. The rest of the year, you’ll find the weather just right for exploring. A walk through Pike Place Market lets you see fish flinging at its finest, but look out! Don’t get caught in the scaly crossfire. Besides ducking to avoid slung salmon at the oldest public market in the country, you can also duck into whimsical shops and bistros with panoramic views of the Puget Sound.

Speaking of sounds, this port town offers more than just views of bays and waterways. Test out your sea legs on a cruise to Victoria or Blake Island—legendary birthplace of Tillicum Chief Seattle. Or make a like a local and cruise these shimmering surfaces with a kayak rental.

When in Seattle, grab a cup of local Joe. You have to—it’s the law (well…it’s not, but it should be), as they have approximately a gazillion cafes dedicated to caffeinated black magic. Seattle coffee culture started around the ’70s (coincidentally when the first Starbucks was born), and Seattleites have been enjoying this hot beverage rain or shine (but mostly rain) ever since.

Those with a sense of adventure should head for Pioneer Square—Seattle’s oldest, but still hippest, hangout. Get a feel for the underground (literally) scene here by jumping on a guided tour of subterranean Seattle. Or stay on the surface and check out dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops that will give you something to do in Seattle, both day and night.

When you’re ready, dive into one of our Seattle vacation packages, or plan your own Pacific Northwest adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Seattle

How far is Vancouver from Seattle?

Vancouver is 143 miles north of Seattle and is a very popular weekend getaway destination for many Seattle locals.

What county is Seattle in?

Seattle is located in King County.

How far is Mt. Rainier from Seattle?

A lot of people who live in and around Seattle like to spend their off days scaling tall mountains like Mt. Rainier. It's only 54 miles from downtown Seattle, and offers great hiking around its base in case you don't feel like making a summit push.