Boardwalk Hall

See one of the world’s largest musical instruments and the stage the Beatles once played on at Atlantic City’s premier entertainment venue.

Since 1929, Boardwalk Hall has been an essential part of the sports and music scene of Atlantic City. Officially named a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1987, this old arena has played host to some of the biggest names in music, sport and even politics. These days, you can visit the hall to see live shows or join a historical tour to see a very special pipe organ.

Boardwalk Hall has been home to many of Atlantic City’s premier sports teams, from soccer, ice hockey and indoor football, to basketball. Mike Tyson successfully defended his title as a world champion boxer here several times. Come to enjoy the atmosphere during a game. While surrounded by 10,000 patrons, it can be an overwhelming experience to hear the crowds roar.

Some of America’s big-name singers and bands pass through Atlantic City, so check if you can see a concert while you’re in town. With the ability to hold up to 14,000 concert-goers, Boardwalk Hall is a premier venue for large-scale performances. In 1964, the hall hosted the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, Madonna and Lady Gaga have also delighted crowds here.

Join a two-hour guided tour of Boardwalk Hall to learn about local history and culture, and see the organ in the Main Auditorium. With over 33,000 pipes, this early 20th-century organ is one of the world’s largest pipe organs and loudest instruments. Hearing its tones resonate through the empty hall is a truly unique experience. Admire some smaller organs in the Adrian Phillips Ballroom.

Boardwalk Hall is on the oceanfront, in the heart of Atlantic City and is easily reached on foot from downtown. Buses also service the hall and parking is available for a fee.

Tours of the hall are offered on the first and third Tuesday of each month; sign up via the Boardwalk Pipes website. The fee for the tour goes towards a restoration fund for the pipe organs. Wear walking shoes and don’t bring large bags, since you can’t take luggage inside and there are no lockers. The hall is closed on Sundays.