Atlantic City Aquarium

Touch baby stingrays, meet a tarantula and learn about more than 100 varieties of local marine life at this underwater world.

The three-story Atlantic City Aquarium provides a great escape from the busy Atlantic City Boardwalk and the hot beaches in summer. Its many exhibits display intriguing marine life, along with a few interesting land creatures. The aquarium, formerly known as Ocean Life Center, is a great day out for adults and children alike.

Atlantic City Aquarium is an educational experience as well as an entertaining one. Expect to learn about the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean and beyond while seeing the species in a habitat that resembles the ocean floor. The aquarium prides itself on its interactive activities, and you will have the opportunity to get up-close with the fish, reptiles and mammals in the tanks.

Discover which creatures live along the shores of Atlantic City by peeking into the 25,000-gallon (95,000-liter) Mid Atlantic Ocean tank. See black sea bass swim side by side with a loggerhead sea turtle.

Learn about the important role that coral plays in the ocean during one of the informative talks given by staff. Pet, or feed, baby stingrays as they glide through the water, or watch as a diver jumps in to feed sharks and tropical fish.

Meet some of the world’s more unusual land creatures during the 20-minute Exotic Animal Show. See bearded dragons, tarantulas or a 6-foot (2-meter) long snake.

End your day on the rooftop viewing platform to take in the spectacular views across the city and the ocean.

The Atlantic City Aquarium is located in downtown Atlantic City, near the shores of the Absecon Inlet. It can be reached on foot from downtown hotels. There is free car parking on site and those traveling by public transport can reach the aquarium by bus.

The aquarium is open daily and an admission fee applies except for children aged 3 and under. The feeding show with divers is included with admission and is on daily in July and August, but on weekends only for the rest of the year.