Old Fort Jackson

Discover the history behind this restored 19th-century fort, a domineering brick fortification and National Historic Landmark on the Savannah River.

Old Fort Jackson is one of the east coast’s oldest brick fortifications and one of Savannah’s most important historic sites. Attend a cannon-firing demonstration throughout the year. The fortification features spectacular views of the Savannah River and opportunities to spot local wildlife, including majestic bald eagles.

Watch massive cargo ships as they sail in and out of the port. Wander through the fort grounds to find the two powder magazines, buildings designed to store explosive gunpowder. Old Fort Jackson also offers the chance to see functioning pre-Civil War era heavy artillery and artifacts from CSS Georgia, an ironclad warship.

Learn the history of this remarkable site from a knowledgeable tour guide. United States President Thomas Jefferson commissioned a fortification defense system in order to protect his nation, of which Old Fort Jackson was a part. The fort was designed to protect Savannah from a sea attack.

Take a self-guided tour and walk along the parapet, a low fortified wall. See the gun emplacements, otherwise known as casemates, and tools and weaponry used in the fort in the early 19th century. Old Fort Jackson features a 9-inch Dahlgren cannon, heavy artillery from the pre Civil War era.

This National Historic Landmark also includes a range of educational activities for visitors. Learn how to load and fire a cannon from the knowledgeable fort staff. Many staff members dress in period clothing and aim to educate visitors on the Old Fort Jackson’s Georgian military history.

Old Fort Jackson is located about 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Savannah Airport. This remarkable brick fortification is open daily for a small admission fee. Cannon firings take place during the morning and afternoon year-round. This National Historic Landmark also features a gift shop, restrooms and free car parking.

Visit Old Fort Jackson to learn about Georgia’s fascinating military history, including the War of 1812 and the American Civil War.