Mammoth Live Oak trees drip with Spanish moss and historical architecture frames dozens of town squares in this charming Southern city.

Savannah oozes history. It was the very first city in Georgia, and it survived the Civil War with little damage when compared to other Southern cities. The stunning statuary and colorful gardens—so beautiful you can’t help but linger in them—still punctuate every other block of the historic district. Like little cities themselves, each square has a name and is unique, from Johnson Square (the very first in 1733) to Calhoun Square (the last, laid out in 1851). If you’re at a loss for what to do in Savannah, simply return to the squares and bask in their time-traveling magic.

All that Spanish moss creates a mysterious atmosphere, one especially good for an old-fashioned ghost story. And with so many historical places, this city is ripe for supernatural activity. Just ask the dozens of ghost tour guides who are happy to show you all the hot spots for activity—this is one of the best things to do in Savannah at night. Your tour guide may take you down the impossibly steep, cobblestone-paved road to River Street, but if not, it’s worth a visit all on its own. Historic buildings, which are today’s shops and restaurants, are squeezed between the bluffs and the Savannah River for yet another trip back through time.

Ready to meet the modern Savannah? Just head over to City Market. This four-block destination surrounds the Art Center, a haven of artists’ studios, with a plethora of shopping, entertainment, and places to eat in Savannah.

Don’t miss your chance to visit both the modern and historical sides of this incredible city. No need to go back in time to get amazing deals on Savannah vacation packages—we have plenty for you to choose from right here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Savannah

Where was Forrest Gump filmed in Savannah?

The famous park bench scenes of Forrest Gump, where the main character begins telling his tale, were filmed at Chippewa Square in Savannah. The bench itself was just a prop and has been added to the Savannah History Museum.

Why is Savannah, Georgia the most haunted city in America?

Savannah's history is full of tragedies such as the Siege of Savannah, during which 240 people were killed. Epidemics have also taken their toll: the 1820 Yellow Fever epidemic killed a full tenth of the city's population. Catastrophic fires, mysterious murders, and slavery have all added to its ghostly reputation as well.

How to get to Daufuskie Island from Savannah?

There are no bridges to Daufuskie Island, which is located just across the border in South Carolina and separated from the mainland by the Harbor River and Calibogue Sound. The best way to get there is by booking a scenic ferry ride from Savannah.