“The Beautiful City” has more than initially meets the eye–to the tune of tree-lined neighborhoods, nature preserves, and gourmet dining.

Orlando just might be the theme park capital of the world. From the giants like Disney World and Universal Studios, to odd-balls like Gatorland, Holyland, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium, they pretty much cover it all. If it exists, there’s a theme park of it in Orlando.

It’s easy to let the imposing presence of thrill rides and character-based dinner shows eclipse everything else in Orlando, but the truth is these parks are outside the city proper. Sure, you could meet Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter nearby, but get to know this city and you’ll also get to know a good friend of Shakespeare—rumor has it the city was named after the lead in the bard’s “As You Like It.” Just as ingénue Rosalind eventually falls for Orlando, we think you will too.

So go ahead. Indulge in a theme park or two. Then check out the other things to do in Orlando.

Expand your mind and take a break from the thrills by exploring one of several renowned art museums. Perhaps because of these famous, entertainment-oriented parks, Orlando has a thriving performing arts scene, too. Catch some world-class theater, dance, or music before wrapping up your visit.

Wondering what to do in Orlando to slow things down? Escape the adrenaline-pumped rides and dizzying attractions at one of the many green spaces. Several gardens, including a botanical, exotic, and arbor sanctuaries are perfect places to have a picnic in the company of rare birds and flowers—and well away from the crowds.

Savvy travelers are all about our Orlando vacation packages. They bring you all the quirks and attractions of this larger-than-life city, without draining your wallet. Wander wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orlando

How big is Orlando?

The actual city of Orlando covers a little over 113 square miles and is home to 277,173 residents. The metropolitan area has a population of well over two million people, and includes some of the most famous theme parks in the world. Many people don't realize that almost all of these parks aren't actually in the city of Orlando!

How's the weather in Orlando?

The city enjoys a subtropical climate, which means it stays balmy all year round. Summer is particularly sizzling with regular noon showers and thunderstorms for some extra entertainment. You won't see the leaves turn colors in fall, but at least you can wear shorts in the winter!

When was Orlando founded?

The first major building in what would one day become Orlando was Fort Gatlin, built by the U.S. Army in 1838 to protect settlers. Over time a small community grew up around the fort. In 1975, the town of Orlando was officially incorporated with a whopping 85 residents. The population has grown just a bit since then!