Wormsloe Historic Site

Drive down a beautiful oak avenue to see replicas of colonial wattle-and-daub huts at this large state historic site just outside Savannah.

Wormsloe Historic Site features colonial ruins and breathtaking natural areas, just a short drive from the heart of Savannah. See demonstrations by costumed interpreters and learn about life in colonial times. This remarkable site also includes a museum with artifacts unearthed at Wormsloe. Experience Savannah’s natural beauty while learning about the colonial history of the region.

Notice the Spanish moss as you walk along an interpretative nature trail that leads to the tabby ruins of Noble Jones’ colonial estate. This building dates to the beginning of the 18th century and is the centerpiece of the site. Learn about the life of Noble Jones, an English carpenter who helped settle the Province of Georgia. Jones established the 18th-century Wormsloe Plantation, which is now the Wormsloe Historic Site. The ruins are all that is left of a building made from tabby concrete typically used by English colonists.

Watch a short film about the Wormsloe Plantation and the founding of Georgia. See demonstrations by interpretive guides about the tools and skills of Georgia settlers. Guides dress in period clothing to give visitors a sense of the era. Learn about the lives of colonial settlers in the site’s unique museum. Wormsloe Historic Site also features events and demonstrations year-round.

Continue your journey through heritage Savannah at Bonaventure Cemetery, located about 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Wormsloe Historic Site. This public cemetery is regarded for its haunting and beautiful atmosphere. Take a guided tour and see the tombstones and burial sites of many famous Georgian citizens, including singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer.

Wormsloe Historic Site is located just 10 miles (17 kilometers) from the center of Savannah. Stay in downtown Savannah when visiting this attraction. Wormsloe Historic Site features visitor facilities, such as nature trails and picnic areas. The site has a small entrance fee and parking is available on-site.

If visiting Wormsloe Historic Site in February, attend the Colonial Faire and Muster, a special event that highlights the music, crafts, dancing and military drills of 18th-century colonial life.