Johnson Square

Dating back to the early 18th century, this historic square features monuments dedicated to notable Savannah citizens, including successful Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene.

Johnson Square is a historic meeting place in Savannah. It was one of the first squares laid out in the city. See a large monument dating back to the 19th century as you explore its surroundings. The square is close to some of Savannah’s best shopping and dining areas.

Relax on a bench dedicated to 20th-century American lyricist, singer and songwriter, Johnny Mercer. To the east of Johnson Square is the grand Christ Episcopal Church , a popular place of worship for Savannah locals. The square also features a sundial honoring William Bull, a historic figure who helped settle Savannah with General Oglethorpe.

The monument to Nathanael Greene is the centerpiece of Johnson Square. During the American Revolution, Greene was second in charge of the Continental Army. This monument rises approximately 50 feet (15 meters) above the square. Underneath it are the remains of Greene and his son.

Discover fountains on the eastern and western sides of Johnson Square. These fountains identify areas where large ovens were once positioned and used for communal baking. Locate the William Bull sundial and notice the four panels on each side of its granite base. One of the panels shows an early 18th-century map of Savannah.

Take a short walk from the square to City Market. This large open-air marketplace is one of the social and commercial centers of historic Savannah. Shop for local artwork, handicrafts and freshly made candy. Dine in a number of nearby cafés and restaurants with outdoor seating. City Market spans four blocks and has existed since the late 18th century.

Walk from Johnson Square to the Savannah City Hall. This building dates to the beginning of the 20th century and is a stunning example of Renaissance Revival architecture. Notice the dolphin fountain by the entrance and the exquisite dome roof gilded with gold leaf.

Pretty Johnson Square is an oasis of green in Savannah’s historic downtown district. It’s a short walk from Savannah River. Stay in accommodations near the square, including luxurious riverside hotels and less expensive self-catered apartments. Use meter-operated parking near the square.

Read a book or picnic in Johnson Square, one of Savannah’s oldest and largest public areas.