What to do In Phoenix, AZ

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Places To Go In Phoenix

The desert is a mysterious place, full of contrasting colors and characters, and no place boasts more adventure than the city named for the great mythical bird. If you’re seeking things to do in Phoenix, AZ you’ve come to the right place.

What calls to you? Maybe you’ll take a horseback ride on the Apache trail, or make use of a different kind of steed during an ATV excursion. Whitewater rafting awaits you on the Colorado River. As you ponder the landscape for the first time, gaze skyward at the colorful dots of hot air balloons. Feel the warm desert breeze drift across your face, then follow it toward the desert, for you’ve got much to do.

Things to Do in Phoenix

What’s that stirring inside you? Perhaps it’s a growing sense of kinship with Lewis and Clark. Imagine a group of early travelers like you making the climb to Montezuma Castle. This cliffside dwelling has watched over the desert for hundreds of years, and the labyrinth of chambers within whisper secrets of the ancient Sinaguan culture.

As you move into the city to find more modern Phoenix attractions, keep a weather eye out for Old Town Scottsdale. Here, discover your own delightful combination of food, art galleries, and shopping. The barkeeps and nearby artists will pass on more tips on what to do in Phoenix and even some great Phoenix hotels to stay at; ask the locals about their favorite toppers for chicken and waffles, then pick out the tastiest-looking ones from the farmers markets.

Phoenix vacation packages don’t stop in the city proper. Just east of downtown is Tovrea Castle. Watch the sun as it dips below the horizon, changing the sky a thousand shades of purple and pink. Can you spot Biosphere 2 from where you are? It’s just there, beyond that next stretch of desert.

Keep moving, traveler, for you have more to see. The biosphere’s greenhouses and domes bubble out of desert landscape, indicating something magical contained within. Once inside, take in the massive closed ecosystem includes rainforest jungles, savannah grasses, mosaics of coral, and a mangrove wetland.

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