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When I envision my perfect summer paradise, I’m sitting by the pool at my resort…which overlooks the beach…which is on the edge of the isolated jungle… which is right by a bustling city. Yes, I suppose I want a little bit of everything. I’m rather a renaissance gnome of vacationing. And with this expertise on a variety of vacations, I can give you some advice on what sort of summer trip you’d enjoy most.

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Sandy seasides

The pros on this one: Bad hair and bad books improve tenfold on the beach. My tangled beachbeard looks tousled and windswept, and reading in the umbrella shade is delightful no matter the content. The best part is that you can’t get bored or burned out because it’s the perfect mix of splashing around and sitting around. Sure, you get some sand in your trunks, which isn’t my favorite feeling, but that’s easily remedied by a nearby shower. Try Fort Lauderdale, Myrtle Beach, Brighton Beach, or pick a lovely beach near you.


Luscious tropics

It might be a challenge to find some tropical locations near you, but botanical gardens count, too. This sort of vacation is all about experiencing the wonders of nature. Smelling flowers, for example, is one of my favorite pastimes since they tend to be at nose-level already. This is a wonderful trip for a summer of learning and discovering with the whole family. And you get to experience that real-life jungle noise you hear piped in at your hotel spa. Of course, Hawaii is America’s resident tropical paradise, and you can tour its jungle here. But there are also many almost-rainforests across the U.S., like Olympic National Park in Washington or Ocala National Forest in Florida.


Adventurous trails

Not for the faint of heart. I predict your summer will be full of adventure and amazing pictures if you go this route. I’ve been on many a hiking trip, and I’ll let you in on the best part: A day on the trail will give you the best night’s sleep ever (meaning it’s ideal if you know any little ones in need of some wearing out). I recommend Petrified Forest National Park, Palo Duro Canyon State Park or Blue Ridge Parkway as delightful places to plan your next adventure.


Relaxing resorts

For the faint of heart and proud of it. This is for those who think a trip is more trouble than it’s worth. No hustle. No bustle. Just massaging the muscle. Sure, you could venture outside the resort if you really have nothing to do, but sometimes nothing to do is just what the doctor ordered. For those in search of the perfect lazy weekend, I always enjoy Mandalay Bay Resort, Wild Dunes Resort or The Broadmoor.


Humming metropolises

A city vacation is for those who love culture, food, people, and planning. There’s less lazing about on this kind of vacation, but who would want to when you’re surrounded by so much to do and see? I can’t help but want a little taste of everything travel has to offer and the cities are where you can get it. A few of my favorites are New Orleans, Nashville, Miami, and San Francisco. Mind you, that is an abridged list, as I have too many favorites to count.

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