Everyone has their own special Thanksgiving dinner traditions and I’m no different. The dishes being made at the Gnome household this season are inspired by a year of unexpected twists and turns. One thing’s for sure: We’ve been home far too long!


Anywhere But Homestyle Sweet Potatoes
If you’re looking for a side dish that really stands out from the buffet, look up a recipe that comes from a different culture (or different area of the country). Usually do the marshmallow dessert Southern style? Try roasted with chili pepper. I won’t even try to explain how Gnome-culture prepares them.

I Yam Not Home Right Now
Same as above, but I’m very clever and came up with a different name if you use yams.

Baggage-Wrapped Green Beans
If you can manage to get to the airport two hours early, you can make the same time for your bacon-wrapped green beans. Let them marinate in that brown sugar sauce like they’re waiting to take flight. They’ll have time to grab some coffee, explore the gift shop, catch up on some reading and buy a neck pillow.

Sail Away In A Gravy Boat
I’ve been told not to skinny dip in the hotel pool, and your turkey shouldn’t go naked either. A good gravy is key to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and my trick is to make it in the slow cooker overnight. It makes the day-of preparations much more relaxed and I’m a very relaxed free spirit. Maybe one day a certain hotel will appreciate that.

Stuffing My Carry-On
Stuffing is an essential part of any Thanksgiving menu, but mine is a little different. I like to “pack light,” if you will. The trick is to leave out your cubed bread for a few days before you make the dish, so it can really dry out. You’re welcome.

Free Roam Turkey
I’ve often said don’t stay domestic. Or in the turkey’s case, domesticated. For the most interesting main course, try a wild turkey. They’re smaller (perfect for me) and have a more rich and intense flavor. Delicious!

A Weekend-Long Resort Stay is The Apple Of My Pie
Don’t mess with Grandma’s perfect recipe. Just make a nameplate for the dish so the family knows what you want for Christmas.


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