Yes, it’s still possible to add some adventure to this not-so-normal holiday season. You don’t have to venture far from home to enjoy Travelocity’s daily suggestions for frolicking in the snow and reveling in holiday cheer. Now, the proper way to do the adventure calendar is to complete one activity every day, but of course we don’t mind if you fudge it a bit. We love fudge, actually. Take a look through for some inspiration and fill your holiday with festivities.

  • December 1: Have a holiday scavenger hunt to find the most festive places in your state.
  • December 2: Drive until you see snow (or you don’t anymore)!
  • December 3: Ask the relatives who’s up for a spontaneous getaway.
  • December 4: Spend the weekend in a secluded cabin.
  • December 5: Go caroling in another city.
  • December 6: Take your family’s holiday photo in front of a kooky landmark.
  • December 7: Do that ski resort holiday you’ve been dreaming of.
  • December 8: Meet the extended family at a midway point this year.
  • December 9: Find all your gifts at local shops along a road trip.
  • December 10: Plan a weekend-long shopping trip to refresh your holiday decor.
  • December 11: Light your menorah in a different city every night.
  • December 12: Search “most festive towns in America.” Then choose!
  • December 13: Build a campfire on the beach.
  • December 14: Take an overnight mini holiday trip and bring mini gifts.
  • December 15: Travel to see a spectacular light show.
  • December 16: Get into the spirit at the most festive hotel.
  • December 17: Bundle up for a hike with a holiday playlist and speaker.
  • December 18: Find the parts of your city most decked out for the holidays.
  • December 19: Book a last-minute getaway with a holiday travel deal.
  • December 20: Take a cookie-decorating class.
  • December 21: Search for the best bakeries in your state and make a trip of it.
  • December 22: Plan to start the new year in a new place.
  • December 23: Gift your family tickets for next year.
  • December 24: Go camping and decorate a tree in nature.
  • December 25: Order room service on Christmas morning.



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