The fourth-largest city in the U.S. more than holds its own. While Manhattan may still get most of the attention, this former home of the Dodgers is doing just fine.

Long thought to be Manhattan’s less fashionable sister (at least by those in Manhattan), Brooklyn is becoming the place for those that want an authentic New York experience. And while our coiffed friend, gentrification, is starting to tidy up the place, Brooklyn still has a ton of character you’ll want to get to know. What is the best way to do all this exploring in Brooklyn? By walking or subway, of course!

One of the best free things to do in New York is just cruising the area. There’s a lot to take in along those famed brownstone buildings. The notable authors who called this place home (W.H. Auden, H.P. Lovecraft, and Walt Whitman among them) reads like a course description for an advanced literature course. There is also a Netflix-binge worth of actors from here; judging by the views from the Promenade, it’s easy to see how Brooklyn Heights inspired so many creative minds.

That creativity extends to the rest of the city. People-watching, street art, and shopping in Brooklyn can easily take up an entire day; Bedford Avenue, the longest street in Brooklyn, passes through neighborhoods that represent the borough’s famed cultural diversity. Don’t be surprised if sights of Yankees caps and denim jackets suddenly change to kittles and kippahs.

Last stop on the F Line is Coney Island, which at one time, was more than just a place to watch the world’s finest face-stuffers gorge on Nathan’s hot dogs. Sure, this place is kitschy, but it’s inspired countless films, albums, poems, plays, and even video games. And when you feel the rush of the cool ocean breezes whipping through your hair as you plunge down The Cyclone’s hill—illuminated by the Wonder Wheel’s neon lights—you’ll understand why.

There are of course many more things to do in Brooklyn. Check out our vacation packages or put on your explorer’s cap (Mets or Yankees) and get inspired.