Hawaii’s Big Island

Bustling cities, charming villages, glowing volcanoes, and those gorgeous beaches. When it comes to divine Polynesian vacations, you have arrived.

As far as landmasses go, the Big Island isn’t all that impressive, but it is the largest island in the state, and was therefore named to avoid confusion. Hawaii (the island) is the largest landmass in Hawaii (the state). As any traveler knows, it’s best to simplify, so the moniker “Big Island” was born.

On a map of the Pacific, the entire string of Hawaiian Islands may be a mere pinhead, but they pack a whole archipelago of options for enjoying island life. The cities of Kona and Hilo lie on opposing sides, connected by a gorgeous road through the center. You could say they balance out the island. Kona attracts more people to its coffee plantations, nightlife, and souvenir shops, while Hilo’s hodgepodge of world cultures have created a community chock-full of aloha spirit.

Then, of course, there are things to do in Hawaii outside these city centers. Explore native Hawaiian culture along the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail. People aren’t the only elements shaping these islands. Explore the ways geology is both growing and threatening the Big Island at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

What is the best time to visit Hawaii weather wise? High season (summertime in the U.S.) sees snowbirds from all over the world, many of who can be found lounging on beaches with two umbrellas: one overhead and the other poking out of a brightly colored drink. Many travelers prefer the idyllic temperatures in April or May, but we think the best time to come is whenever you can.

Find your perfect time to visit by shopping our Hawaii vacation packages. It’s one sure way to start your trip to the Big Island with the spirit of aloha already with you.