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With Cabo’s recent flock of celebrities, it seems everyone is heading to Mexico’s newest destination. And while you’ll find plenty of adventures to keep you busy, Erin Holmes of Explore With Erin recommends three Cabo beach adventures to add to the top of your list.

Slowly, but surely, Cabo has changed from a relaxed, sleepy coastline to a hub of entertainment and adventure. It’s renovated airport is now the 6th busiest airport in Mexico. And at just over 2 hours from Los Angeles, you may find yourself flying internationally for your next vacation adventure.

My idea of a vacation is always the beach. I can’t help it. Growing up on the coast of Australia the sun, sand and surf are my happy place. So while touring Cabo I decided my adventures had to be beach and water based. That’s where I’d find my happy place. And that’s where I did. Read on for the three best Cabo beach adventures I found.

Vinotherapy on the beach

Ever been to a Wine Spa? The Grand Fiesta American Los Cabos allows you to not only indulge your sense of touch but smell and taste at their exclusive SOMMA WineSPA. Perfect for those very special anniversaries, proposals or even a work function.

Walk through the hotel down to the white sand beach in the quiet cool of the evening. Staff will have slippers waiting for you to slip out of your shoes and wear across the sand as you enter a semi-circle of lounge chairs around an open campfire.

You’ll enjoy multiple foot relaxation therapies from squishing grapes in a barrel to foot reflexology on your beach lounge.

Incorporating wine into the therapy is more than just crushing grapes, you also get to indulge in several different glasses of wine with instructions on how to smell, sip, taste and pair with hors d’oeuvres.

Finally, your wine experience finishes with a decadent 3-course meal including lobster and more wine. Does this Cabo beach adventure have your name written on it?

Sunset sailing and the famous arch

It wouldn’t be a visit to Cabo without seeing the famous and Insta-worthy Cabo Arch, a distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, known locally as El Arco.

Credit: @Joes Daily

It is here that the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. Commonly referred to as Lands’ End. And if the Pirates of the Caribbean can have a Cabo beach adventure here, then you’ll not be disappointed.

Step aboard a fully equipped, French sailboat, take a seat on a soft deck cushion or wander around to capture views from all angles. The setting sun over the ocean is spectacular filled with orange and pink that will make you squeal.

Alongside the sunset, the Luxury Sunset Sailing Cruise takes you past some of the region’s most scenic hotspots. Plus you receive a gourmet bento box to nibble on and an open bar. What more could you want at sea?

This Cabo beach adventure is best for anyone over 8 years old and those who don’t mind losing their shoes (temporarily). They come off the moment you board!

Camel rides, tortilla making, and tequila tasting

Do you have courage? This Cabo beach adventure is going to require courage. Courage to ride the high back of a camel and courage to try several tequilas.

A Camel Ride Safari is the perfect way to mix in a little of the unique Baja California desert before stepping back onto the beach. All the camels have been rescued, they are survivors of circuses and zoos no longer in action. Their lifespan is longer than wild camels and they only “work” 4-5 hours every second day in 20-minute increments. Basically “work” forms their routine exercise.

After the camel ride along the beach, you get to indulge in a traditional Mexican lunch while taking notes during the traditional tortilla demonstration. Following lunch, try your hand at a number of different tequilas to find your match.

Don’t forget to get your camel kiss. A Cabo beach adventure you’ll never forget.

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