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With delicious food, plenty of family-friendly activities and endless sun, it’s easy to see why Cabo is one of the best places to enjoy an unforgettable family vacation. Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo shares his best tips for how to dive into three fun-filled days in Cabo with kids. 

Los Cabos with Kids

A confession: I had never been to Los Cabos, or anywhere in Baja California for that matter. I had traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula several times and to Mexico City, but for some reason I hadn’t visited the portion of Mexico closest to me in California. It was time to change that!

What surprised me about Los Cabos is that it feels very much like the Southwestern United States. It’s a desert, filled with dry rolling hills and cactus. But unlike the Southwest US, there’s water everywhere – the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east. The ocean brings the resorts – numerous amazing properties perfect for relaxing. The ocean and desert together bring adventure. There’s plenty to keep you occupied … in addition to relaxing by the pool with a piña colada of course!

Los Cabos with Kids - The pool at Paradisus

The pool at Paradisus

I headed down for three nights and did a lot of both. And as always I searched out the kid-friendly elements. Of course, Los Cabos is great for girlfriend getaways and adult trips. But what is there to do with kids? The answer: a lot.

Paradisus Los Cabos

My trip started with an arrival into San José del Cabo, maybe three minutes in the Mexico immigration line, and then a 20-minute drive (with Expedia Local Experts and Grey Line) to Paradisus, my base. Located on the Tourist Corridor, roughly halfway between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Paradisus is the best of all worlds. There’s an enormous beach and swimmable ocean (unlike many places around Los Cabos). There’s a portion of the resort set aside for adults, including a private pool, but there’s also a kid-friendly vibe everywhere, with an excellent kids’ club, chairs at the pool reserved just for families, and even a Family Concierge — an elevated level of service specifically for those traveling with kids, with a private lounge and a personal Concierge. And the food was excellent, from a Michelin-starred chef/restaurant (ok, maybe not ideal for kids) to buffets and specialty restaurants throughout. Some of the best food I’ve had a resort in Mexico.

Los Cabos with Kids - My room at Paradisus Los Cabos

My room at Paradisus Los Cabos

Los Cabos with Kids - The view from my room. I'll always take a sunrise view over a sunset view!

The view from my room. I’ll always take a sunrise view over a sunset view!

Los Cabos with Kids - Loved these hanging chairs overlooking the beach at Paradisus!

Loved these hanging chairs overlooking the beach at Paradisus!

Los Cabos with Kids - Gabi Beach at Paradisus

Gabi Beach at Paradisus

Camel Riding

Did you know there are camels in Los Cabos? Not only that, but they fit in very well (it’s the desert after all), and they’re all rescue camels, from around Mexico and the US – primarily from Mexican circuses. Cabo Adventures picked us up at Paradisus, drove us to its office in Cabo San Lucas to do paperwork and switch cars, and then took us to the western coast, near Playa de Los Cerritos. Our three-hour adventure included learning about camels and the desert, riding camels and taking pictures with camels, and also a masa/tortilla-making lesson, a tequila and mezcal tasting, and a very good lunch. Highly-recommended as long as your kids are at least five! And it was far easier than camel riding I’ve done in Dubai and India, since there’s a high platform that you use to get on and off the camels.

Los Cabos with Kids - Camels on the beach!

Camels on the beach!

Sunset Sailing

The most famous (and photographed) element of Los Cabos is the Land’s End Arch. The arch is visible from Cabo San Lucas, but the best way to see it is to take a sunset cruise. We went with Cabo Adventures and, because I was traveling with Travelocity, the Roaming Gnome came along. And yes, traveling with the Roaming Gnome is just as cool as you think it would be!

Los Cabos with Kids - The Roaming Gnome in front of the Los Cabos Land's End arch

The Roaming Gnome in front of the Los Cabos Land’s End arch

The cruise was excellent. We didn’t see whales (always a possibility), but it was a beautiful night and the food and drinks on board were very good. There are a lot of options, from small boats to luxury yachts. Definitely do one!

The Paradisus Kids Club

The two-level kids club is great for 4-12 year olds, with a wide range of activities including crafts, treasure hunts, face painting and sporting competitions, and for teens there’s foosball, water sports, giant chess, gaming, beach games and movie nights. The daily and weekly schedules are impressive, for as much or as little as you want to check your kids in.

Los Cabos with Kids - The Paradisus Kid's Club

The Paradisus Kid’s Club

Los Cabos with Kids - Foosball upstairs at the kid's club

Foosball upstairs at the kid’s club

Dinner at Garza Blanca

We were privileged to be the first guests ever at Garza Blanca Los Cabos, which will be partially open at the end of 2018 and fully open in the spring of 2019. The rooms are gorgeous, and dinner was amazing. It’s tempting to stay at Paradisus for all of your meals, considering the quality of the food and the fact that you’ve pre-paid for it, but it’s nice to explore as well!

Los Cabos with Kids - Dinner at Garza Blanca is an amazing experience!

Dinner at Garza Blanca was wonderful!

Los Cabos with Kids - Overlooking Garza Blanca - amazing even under construction!

Overlooking Garza Blanca – amazing even under construction!

Everything Else

In three days we didn’t do everything by any stretch, especially considering how much time we felt like simply relaxing at Paradisus. On our list for next time: whale watching; the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk on Thursday nights (November through June); a visit to Todos Santos; and more beach time of course!

Los Cabos with Kids - Sunrise at Paradisus. Perfect!

Sunrise at Paradisus. Perfect!

Have you traveled to Los Cabos with your kids? What do you recommend?

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