Recently I wrote an article about surprising things you cannot take on a plane. During my research, I realized there were at least twice as many crazy things that are surprisingly allowed on your flight with you. Like what, you’re asking? Read on…

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Although sharp objects are prohibited on flights, small scissors under four inches are a-okay. Even kid’s scissors can be brought on.

Disposable razors

Good news if you are planning on only bringing a carry on and wanting to keep freshly shaven: Disposable razors can come aboard. Apparently, disposable razors are not as sharp as ones with interchangeable blades or a straight razor.


If your tools are under seven inches, then bring them along. Who knows what you may need to fix while onboard!


Want to really irritate your neighbors on a plane? As long as it’s in a travel-friendly container and under the 3.4oz limit, you can bring that scent with you and spray away. (But please don’t do this.)


Going to a winter destination and in need of a pair of ice skates? No worries. While scissors over four inches will be confiscated, those sharp-bladed ice skates are fine. In fact, you can bring your roller skates, too. I’m not sure they will let you go up and down the aisles, but at least you’ll glide through the airport quicker.


If your board fits in the overhead compartment, then bring it on.


Whether hard like a bowling ball or inflated like a soccer ball, they are welcome on board.


While things like a foam sword that even resemble a weapon are not allowed on the plane, TSA does permit this “fictional weapon” on board. May the force be with you.

Musical instruments

If it fits, it’s okay. If the plane is delayed, maybe you can keep the cabin happy with some catchy tunes?


Bored on the plane? By all means, bring your knitting needles and crochet hooks. That 6-hour flight will fly by and the grandchild you are on the way to visit will get a new sweater at the same time.

Adult toys

Need to bring something to liven up the bedroom romance while on vacation? TSA says bring it on board!


Liquid medication is also an exception to the 3.4-ounce rule. It’s best never to check your medication, but rather take it on board with you. Just make sure it’s a reasonable amount for your time away.

Fishing poles

The hooks need to be in your checked baggage, but TSA says it’s fine to bring poles on board as long as it fits in the carry-on limitations of your airline.

Camping stove

If you need to cook those fish up afterward and you are avoiding checked luggage, then empty the fuel from the stove and bring it on. It cannot, however, smell of propane, so empty it a few days before and make sure you give it a good cleaning.


You can’t pack matches in your checked luggage, but you can carry one book of safety matches on board!

Cremated remains

If carried in a wood or plastic lightweight container, you can carry your loved ones remains home with you in the cabin.


Most foods can be carried on a plane including seafood, cereal and even fresh eggs. Check with your airline because some airlines do try to enforce limitations. Also, be aware that your destination city might restrict you from bringing in fresh produce or meat.

Liquids over 3.4 ounces

Here’s one we all should know by now, though there are some exceptions to the 3.4 ounce rule. Containers may be checked by TSA, but you can bring breast milk, juice for babies and baby formula that exceed 3.4 ounces. Talk about the kids getting away with anything! By the way, you can even take an ice pack to keep those liquids cool.


I don’t know why you would need a corkscrew on your plane since you aren’t allowed to bring your own wine, but you can! Just make sure it doesn’t have a blade attached.


If your ice is frozen solid, it can join you in the cabin. If it’s melting it has to follow the 3.4-ounce requirement. Considering peanut butter can’t even make it on, this is a pretty big surprise.

Cooking appliances

Planning to use your vacation to stay on track with your diet? Bring the blender, the crockpot, and your pots and pans. As long as the blade is removed and it fits in the overhead bin, you are good to go.

Have you managed to get a surprising object on a plane? What was it? Leave a comment below!

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