It’s not the best feeling in the world: You stand in line at customs mentally going through that list in your head. The water bottle is empty, the laptop is out, you chugged that energy drink and are now busting for the bathroom. Waiting in line at airport security sometimes feels like a game of dice, nervously wondering what they are going to find wrong with your belongings. We all know the purpose is to keep us safe, but you have to admit it seems just plain ridiculous to have to lose some items. Here are 10 surprising items that definitely won’t get past security on your next flight.

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Things You Cant Take On A Plane - Soup

Breast milk and baby formula are fine, but soup has to follow the 3.4-ounce packaging rule. That’s not much soup. And don’t try the chunky soup card. Soup is soup and will not be keeping you warm in the air. In fact, you can’t take any hot drinks on board with you.


Things You Cant Take On A Plane - Gravy

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, don’t bring your signature gravy! No matter how thick that gravy is, it is considered a liquid. Even if you think you can’t possibly live without grandma’s special recipe, the only hope of having a taste is if you are bringing less than 3.4 ounces.

Peanut butter

Things You Cant Take On A Plane - Peanut Butter

Hold an open jar of peanut butter over your head and the chances of the contents dripping out on you are fairly slim. However, TSA does consider this delicious spread a liquid so take the packets you hoarded from the hotel buffet so you keep under the 3.4-ounce limit. Alternatively, scoop your favorite nut butter into a small travel-sized container and pray it doesn’t run out.

Foam toy sword

Things You Cant Take On A Plane - toy sword

That toy sword your son won’t let go of, the one that can’t squash a fly? It’s considered a weapon which means you won’t get it on board. He’d be better off with his lightsaber.

Snow globes

The snow globe is a classic souvenir found in nearly every corner of the world, but if yours is larger than a tennis ball, you’d better check it, otherwise no luck here. If the liquid in your snow globes catches the attention of security, that amazing gift you got in the snowy mountains of Switzerland will meet its demise in the inside of an airport trash can.

Magic 8 ball

Things You Cant Take On A Plane - Magic 8 Ball

My son loves his Magic 8 ball, but according to the TSA, it has to be checked. Who wants that black liquid smashing and staining all your clothes anyway?

Bowling pins

Who would want to take bowling equipment on a plane? Hey, we’re not here to judge. But if you do, don’t think you’ll be getting a turkey on the plane aisles. Your bowling pins have to be checked, but you can take your bowling ball on… crazy, we know.

Golf clubs

This one might not be all that surprising and yet here we are. Make sure you invest in a good carrying case for these valuable babies because they aren’t allowed on board with you.

Offensive T-shirts

Talk about things you can’t take on a plane. TSA and flight attendants both enforce this rule and a shirt with profanity or vulgar imaging is most likely to be banned. Keep a spare change of clothes or a jacket to cover up—or just wear something else. The last thing you want to do is have to unpack at the airport to look for appropriate clothing because security or airline staff don’t share you sense of humor.

Pets under eight weeks of age

If you have a brand new furry family member under eight weeks of age, then delay your flight or find a friend to care for your little creature because your fur baby can’t come. Once your pet does reach flying age, make sure you check with your airline because certain breeds are also restricted from flying.

What is the craziest thing you’ve had confiscated when flying? Share in the comments!

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