Colgate Clock

This iconic clock face, a neon-lit octagon dating back to 1924, is an emblem of Jersey City and the New York Harbor. 

The Colgate Clock, a huge and historic octagon-shaped timepiece, has been ticking away on the New Jersey waterfront for more than 90 years. Take pictures of the iconic clock, which sits on the Jersey City waterfront facing out to the Hudson River and Manhattan.

The current Colgate Clock was built back in 1924 and once sat on the former site of the old Colgate factory on New Jersey’s waterfront. Its design is said to have been inspired by that of Colgate’s Octagon Soap, once a staple household item. Today, find the clock on an empty lot near the Goldman Sachs Tower.

Marvel at the huge size of the clock. The face has a diameter measuring an astonishing 50 feet (15 meters). At the time of its construction, it was said to be the largest clock in the world. Though other larger clocks have since been built, the Colgate Clock is still counted among the world’s 10 biggest.

Though it is the most iconic, the current clock is not actually the original Colgate Clock. An earlier, smaller version was built for Colgate in 1906 to celebrate the company’s centennial. To see the original clock, make a trip to Clarksville, Indiana, where it sits atop a defunct factory building.

Visit the clock during the day and admire the views across to Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. At night, the clock is at its most photogenic as the outline of the hands and the hour markers are illuminated above the Colgate sign. Some of the best views of the clock are from out on the water or from the far side of the Hudson River. Consider taking an evening cruise or venturing across to Manhattan to photograph the illuminated clock from afar.

Find the Colgate Clock along the Jersey City waterfront, north of Liberty State Park beside the Goldman Sachs Tower. Viewing the clock is free.